Path to Peace continues to grow in Baldwin County. Here is how you can connect.

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EMI group and Mobile group join to tackle racism of the heart

The Ecumenical Ministries sponsored Path to Peace volunteer leaders shared visions at got to know each other at a joint supper at the Blue Gill in mid-June. The two groups formed about the same time, unbeknownst to each other, and came up with virtually identical missions and strategies. They expect that working together across the bay will enhance the abilities of both groups

EMI-assisted volunteers started meeting three years ago with a desire to eliminate racism of the heart in Baldwin County. In their conversations through the months, they found that many, many people in Baldwin County are interested in building personal, multi-racial relationships, but don't have the connections, socializing ideas and-or confidence to do so. Path to Peace volunteers have focused on helping people find ways to do so, and do it in an atmosphere that is fun and pure of all partisanship.

If you would like to connect with this initiative, here are some of the activities:

A Path to Peace Choir for people who like to sing -- very informal.

A monthly multi-nondenominational prayer time

An arts and creativity discussion group

Other discussion groups

Quarterly potlucks

Informal team sports

Connect Groups management

Planning and helping with the annual multi-race, multi-church celebration and worship service

If you would like to learn more, email Dan at