Deep-dive with ACT II

 During October, Journey to Justice will host  “Deep Dive” discussions of justice, the Bible, the church and Baldwin County at Eastern Shore churches beginning Oct. 5.

These discussions will be small conversational groups of about 15 people, counting clergy with no lectures but genuine conversation for about 90 minutes. 

Deep Dives will avoid current hot-button issues, and certainly avoid the partisanship that divides. Instead, Deep Dives will explore the nature of Justice itself and wonder how it relates to our faith. What is the Biblical definition of Justice and does it matter? Is there a difference between Justice and Charity? If we extend Mercy, do we deny Justice? Should churches engage in community justice issues, and if so how? We’ll ponder these and other questions, including the judicious character of our own communities.

Clergy from several churches and representatives of ACT-II will facilitate these Deep Dive discussions. ACT-II – All Churches Together – has quietly and successfully engaged significant community issues in affluent and poor, black and white Baldwin communities for 25 years.

Participation is limited in order to keep the experience conversational. To participate, email Dan Hanson at